Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another Morning Workout--- 6 Miles & Abs!

Another day, another dollar, another morning workout. I only ran 6 miles this morning, which, to me, feels like next to nothing. This week is a running recovery week for me, so I'm keeping the mileage relatively low, but next week I'll be bumping it back up to my usual 50+ miles/per week. I am just the kind of person that finds it SO HARD to allow my body time to rest, recover, and recooperate--- but I know I need to! It's just a matter of forcing myself to do it. :)

After my morning run, I got in a good ab workout, and, no, I didn't do a single crunch (aka one of the most inefficient ways to work your abs!). I prefer exercises like weighted sit ups, weighted Russian twists, planks, and leg raises--- they're much more efficient and much less strenuous on the lower back! Anyway, I'm feeling great today (Survivor is on tonight... and I am a HUGE Survivor fan--- can I just tell you that it's totally my dream to be on Survivor?!), but check back later for another yummy clean eats recipe! I promise you guys won't be disappointed!