Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 3 of My February Challenge: Pace It, Girl!

Moving into the third day of my February "Mile for a Like" Challenge (resulting in 212 total miles for me to do!), I opted to do a shorter run today. After two days in a row of longer runs (15 miles each), I want to make sure I'm pacing myself properly. This is truly something that's hard for me to do--- I am the type of person that is always pushing myself to go faster, go harder, and go longer. So limiting myself? It's important so I don't overdue it and risk injuring myself (and, thus, putting me out of the game altogether!), but it's something that's admittedly difficult for me to do, personally. Nonetheless, today I forced myself to stop at 7 miles. My body wanted to go, go, go--- but my head was happy that I resolved to do a nice, short, steady run. I'm feeling awesome guys! Day 4, here I come!

Day 3: 197-7=190!