Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10: February "Mile for a Like" Challenge... Under 100 Mile Mark!

When I agreed to run a mile for every like on Facebook, Google +, and Instagram as part of my run training for my upcoming marathon, I NEVER imagined I'd be slated with 212 miles to do as part of my February "Mile for a Like" Challenge--- but I am so thankful, so grateful, and so appreciative that you guys did, because it's been instrumental in motivating me to push myself during my run training!

I hit the roads for today's run this morning, wracking up a total of 22 more miles. I'm not the kind of person that looks out the window and says "nope, not running today, too much snow." There's not much that will stop me from getting in my scheduled run... but, I must admit, I am just oh so very tired of looking at the snow day after day after day! I'm longing for the warm summer days when I can run on green trails, working up a good sweat... you know, the kind of sweat that doesn't immediately freeze to my skin! 

Oh well... I'll keep toughing the weather out as I keep busting out the mileage! I'm proud to report that I officially have less than 100 miles left to go for my February challenge, and I have to complete, on average, less than 5 miles each day to achieve that goal! No problem--- I got this in the bag!

Day 10: 106-22=84!