Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 5: February "Mile for a Like" Challenge--- Getting Some R&R!

As you all know, today was a scheduled R&R day for my February "Mile for a Like" Challenge! Rest is an essential part of any training program, and marathon training is no exception to that! And what better way to rest and relax... than a day at the spa?!

Yup--- those are my legs coated in chocolate! :)
So my amazing husband booked me a day at the spa. Since I don't eat candy whatsoever, I thought to myself "I'll spa in it instead!" In addition to getting my hair done, I got a cocoa bean body glow scrub, a chocolate moisturizing body masque wrap, a chocolate aromatherapy message (75 minutes of heaven!), plus a hot cocoa hydrotherapy bath to end my spa day. Let me tell you, I smelled like a scrumptious little truffle when I was done! And I felt oh so relaxed!

The best part? My husband surprised me with an impromptu present at the end of the spa day! He had a gift bag waiting for me in the spa lounge with some adorable presents inside--- a stuffed panda, a sweet card, and a new set of pink silk jammies! Oh yes, I most assuredly slipped into those as soon as I got home, and I will be drifting off into slumberland very shortly in them! Am I spoiled or am I spoiled, guys?

You know what they say, "train like a beast, look like a beauty!' Well, I spend 99% of my time working on that beast part, so today was a much needed focus on that beauty part! Hehehe. But, rest assured, come tomorrow--- those miles for my "Mile for a Like" challenge are TOAST!

Day 5: 168 still!