Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mastering the Art of Meal Prep: Egg White Frittata Bake

Mastering the Art of Meal Prep

Seasoned clean eaters know that mastering the art of meal prep is an essential skill to have in a clean eater's tool kit. Simply put, clean eaters "in the know" are well aware that meal prep not only saves time throughout the week, but it also ensures that you've got healthy meals ready to go. Of course, whenever you have healthy meals already on hand, you're more likely to stick to your clean eating meal plan--- and less likely to fall prey to the temptation to grab something quick but not-so-healthy. One of the things I hear most often from people is that they don't have "time" to eat clean--- well, in response, I say this: meal prep, baby! It's a simple strategy: if you've got time to cook one meal, just make that meal in bulk--- and set it aside for the rest of the week. Easy peasy, right?!

That said, here's one of my go-to meal prep stand-bys: the egg white frittata bake. This dish is super simple to make, and it's easily customizable to suit your personal taste. Keep reading for more details!

Egg White Frittata Bake
Makes 6 Servings

3 Dozen egg whites
Veggies, meats, etc. for filling

1. Frittata: Veggie-Loaded

Whatever veggies you want in your egg white frittata bake, cook 'em and load 'em up! Here's what I, personally, use: 1 large container of sliced mushrooms (18 ounces), 2 cups sliced tri-color mini bell peppers, 1 cup chopped jalapeños, 6 cups chopped spinach, and a couple dashes of pomegranate red wine vinegar. Of course, you can use whatever veggies (or add in meats such as lean ham, turkey bacon, shrimp, crab, etc. if you desire!) you'd like--- just sauté them in a pan first, then arrange them in a 9x13 inch prepared baking dish. As a bonus, you can use different veggies if you feel like mixing it up throughout the week! For instance, you can arrange half of the baking dish with spinach and mushrooms and arrange the other half of the baking dish with ham and peppers. It's completely customizable! Make sure you're using enough veggies for 6 servings!

2. Crack some eggs

This step is simple. Crack some eggs! To make 6 servings, I use 36 egg whites (3 dozen egg whites), making 6 egg whites per serving. 6 egg whites is only about 100 calories, but those egg whites pack 22 grams of protein. Yeowza! Of course, I buy my eggs in bulk, and I go through a 5 dozen box of eggs in a week--- which is fine by me, since egg whites are one of the healthiest things you can eat!

3. Gettin' eggy with it

Another simple step here, guys. Those egg whites? Just pour them evenly over your frittata filling, making sure everything is covered evenly.

4. Bake it, baby!

Bake the egg white frittata bake at 400 degrees in a pre-heated oven for about 45 minutes, or until the egg whites in the middle are fully cooked. You don't need to stand there and stare at it while it's baking either--- use those 45 minutes to tackle whatever chores need done around the house, get in a solid 45 minute workout while it bakes, or even use that time to meal prep other dishes! 

See? It's that easy, guys! Once it's out of the oven, wait for it to cool, then cut the egg white frittata bake into 6 slices, and set aside in containers to use throughout the week. One of the best investments you can make as a newbie clean eater is to purchase a set of tupperware. You'll want to make sure your set of tupperware is microwave save, and it shouldn't put you back more than $10-$20 for a complete set. This way, you can easily store your prepped meals, and your meals are ready to take on-the-go. I personally recommend this set of Rubbermaid (BPA Free) TakeAlongs. They're divided so when you want to pack a side dish, dressing, or condiment (I pack some hot sauce and sliced jalapenos whenever I meal prep my egg white frittatas), it won't get all over the place, not to mention that they're microwave safe as well. You can purchase a set of 3 of these containers on Amazon right now for only $5.73 with Amazon Prime, so this isn't an investment that is going to set you back a lot--- but it will help make eating clean more manageable for your lifestyle!

Meal Prep Anything & Everything!

I hope you guys enjoy this meal prep recipe, but keep in mind that it's just ONE of MANY meal prep options out there. You can easily meal prep your favorite dishes, because, truly, if you have time to cook one healthy meal, then all you have to do is multiply the recipe--- and suddenly you're meal prepping for the entire week! Clean eaters, master the art of meal prep, and you'll make eating clean so much easier!