Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Challenge: 15 Miles Down, 197 To Go!

I hit the ground running on day one of my February "Mile for a Like" Challenge (resulting in a whopping total of 212 miles slated for me!). I donned my cold weather gear bright (okay, the sun was barely up--- so maybe not so bright!) and early this morning, and I busted out a 15 mile run right out of the gate. That leaves 197 miles still left to go throughout the month, so I'll have to keep busting out the high mileage runs hardcore!

Muddy Melissa--- saying hello on day one of my February Challenge!
It was a gorgeous day outside today. Sure, it's still cold out there--- but this mid 30 degree weather seems downright tropical in comparison to the negative 5 degree weather I was zipping around in last week! The snow on the trails was mostly melted, so it made for easier running--- although I do miss the feeling of breaking in that crisp snow first thing in the morning, leaving a lone set of footprints trailing behind me! There's no better feeling than that for a trail runner like me!

My hip seems to be almost fully rehabbed now; this is yet another long run I've done, without any pain whatsoever. I still have two more physical therapy appointments, and I'm continuing my stretches/exercises, but the hip pain has, for the most part, disappated. Thank goodness! Because I am not letting anything slow me down for my February challenge, for my marathon training, or for anything else--- ever!--- for that matter.

Keep checking back for updates on my 212 miles in February challenge!

Day 1: 212-15=197!