Friday, January 3, 2014

A Dehydrator Machine Snuck Into My Cart Yesterday...

I made an impromptu purchase--- no regrets though! While I was picking up my Ninja machine yesterday, I snatched up a dehydrator machine at the store. It was only $35, and I love dried fruits--- but I have such a hard time find clean dried fruits at the store because everyone seems to want to add unnecessary sugar (helllllOOOO, fruit is naturally sweet, lay off it!). Last night, I went on a dehydrating rampage with a myriad of fruit... pineapple, strawberries, mango, apples. Yum yum yum! And today, I'm on another dehydrating rampage... bananas, kiwi, cinnamon apples, and salted sweet potato chips. Fingers crossed they turned out as great as the first batch!
Only $35--- My new Presto dehydrator machine
My dehydrated fruit goodies! Apples, mangos, strawberries, pineapples
What do you think? Looks delicious or looks delicious? Do any of you guys have a dehydrator? Do you use it often for clean eats or does it collect dust on your kitchen counter? Any yummy recipes you guys have to share?

I ran yesterday, so there's no running on my workout schedule for today. I hit my chest and triceps with the weights bright and early this morning though--- gotta love those push ups and one-armed push ups! I got in a bit of cardio with some P90X3 CVX, which is basically a half hour workout of cardio with weights. Cardio? AND weights? Count this chick in! I absolutely loved it and I'm proud to say I rocked my workout, but I'll have to keep in mind to go up with the weights next time. No light weights allowed here and no cutting myself short! 

Like my post-workout meal setup in the background? Microwave & Ninja
I just have to say, out of all the Beachbody programs--- Focus T25 and P90X3 are both IDEAL for weightlifters. I know I'm the antithesis and all, doing marathon run training and heavy weight lifting, but any good weightlifter knows that it's always a good idea to keep cardio under 30 minutes. Any more than that and you're risking muscle loss from doing too much cardio, which is pretty counter-productive when you're trying to increase muscle gains. That's why marathon runners are always so much slimmer than other types of athletes--- the prolonged cardio causes increased muscle loss over time. So if you're a weightlifter who wants to get your cardio in without doing something dull like trotting around on an elliptical--- these two programs really are PERFECT! Both are made up entirely of workouts that are under 30 minutes! I finished up Focus T25 last year with amazing results, and I just started P90X3 in December when it launched. I love them both!

What about you guys? What's on your workout schedule for the day? Running, biking, weightlifting, yoga, WHAT? I want to know what's getting you active today!