Friday, January 10, 2014

Food for Thought Friday: What Does Food Mean to You?

Hi all! I want to welcome you to the first installment of FOOD FOR THOUGHT FRIDAY! Now, what's that, you ask? Simply put, on Food for Thought Fridays, I'll post a short video with nutritional information. We all know that the two keys to a healthy lifestyle are diet and exercise, but all also know that actually unlocking those two things--- by working out and eating right--- aren't always so simple! My hope is that, by watching my two weekly video series, WOW Wednesdays and Food for Thought Fridays, you'll be better able to take control of your health and your body. So here goes! In this week's video, I discuss the meaning of food. Please watch--- its short but sweet!

We all love food. But, the fact is--- sometimes the food we love isn't loving us back. Too many of us have an emotional relationship with food... and that relationship is emotionally abusing us! With such strong emotions and nostalgic memories surrounding food, many of us end up seeking emotional needs in food that can't possibly be fulfilled. As a result, the only emotion that food gives us--- is guilt. Why? Because we KNOW we should be making our food choices based off what we need to nourish our bodies, but we FEEL that making certain food choices will in some way nourish us emotionally. That, of course, isn't possible, leading to a cyclical relationship with food... one where we are always chasing an emotional feeling from food that we know, with our heads, that food is never going to give us. But we keep repeating the same behavior--- again and again and again.

I do have a psychology degree, guys! Ha!

My husband previewed this video for me, and I have to tell you--- he did have an "aha! moment." One of Steve's favorite foods and biggest weaknesses is pizza. Little Caesar's pizza, to be exact! After watching this video, he suddenly exclaimed "I think I know why I can't resist pizza!" He then revealed to me that, when he was a kid, whenever he got a good report card at school--- he would get rewarded with a pizza. Just from watching my video, he began to connect the dots: does he really want that pizza? Or is capturing that feeling of his parents being proud of him and getting rewarded for his hard work what he really wants in that moment when he succumbs to his pizza cravings?

What about you guys? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic--- as well as on my video. Love it? Tell me about it! Share this video & tell your friends! Hate it? That's okay too--- just drop me a comment and let me know why, so I can do better next time. In next week's installment, I'll be discussing a topic that I've gotten asked about a lot: what to eat (carbs, protein, fat) and WHEN to eat them--- pre-workout, post-workout, late at night, etc.! So stay tuned for that video next week!

As always, stay happy and live healthy!
Muddy Melissa

      Take away points:

  • What does food mean to you?
  • What struggles do you have when it comes to food? Eating late at night, eating at social functions, falling victim to convenience food?
  • What drives you to eat? Stress, loneliness, peer pressure, feeling like you're depriving yourself if you don't eat something?
  • How else can you meet those needs--- that don't involve food?
  • What is your emotional relationship with food?
  • Lastly, do you have any strong food-related memories? Your mother's cooking? A restaurant you always went to as a kid? Your grandmother's baking?