Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Limey Green & Morning Run!

So--- this week I'm trying out some juices from a business local to Pittsburgh--- Fresh From the Farm Juices. Indeed, these juices are made fresh; as I was picking up my juices, an apple delivery was being made. So far, it shows in their juices. I'm absolutely loving "Limey Green," which is, hands down, my favorite juice thus far. The first thing out of my mouth was: "I like that this is more limey and less green." The ingredients are apple, spinach, kale, carrot, lime, and cilantro (really, how much cleaner can you get?!); of course, that bright green color might initially scare some people off. Thankfully, however, "Limey Green" doesn't taste like liquified spinach--- the apple and lime are enough to make this juice bright, crisp, and citrusy--- yum!

I tossed a bottle of this in my gym bag today before heading to the gym, and I was a happy camper as I busted out one of my longer runs--- 15.1 miles. I did a half marathon with a mile for a warm up, a mile for a cool down, plus some slow/fast speed intervals toward the end for cardiac reserve training. I'm feeling good! How about the rest of you out there--- feeling good or feeling that mid-week sluggishness set in?!