Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Muddy Melissa's Spa Day

Well, guys, unfortunately there will be no WOW Wednesday video posted today. I really did try--- but my hip is in too much pain. I didn't think it was a good idea to risk injuring myself to post one this week. I have another physical therapy appointment tomorrow, so fingers crossed that appointment goes well for me!

I had an impromptu day at the spa today. I've been feeling under the weather (not to mention frustrated that I'm sidelined from running & lifting), and my hip hasn't been cooperating too well either. So my fantastic husband took it upon himself to schedule me for a spa day ASAP. Oh, and did I mention... he got me pink roses? I truly am spoiled rotten!
It takes a spa day to get Muddy Melissa all cleaned up!
Let me tell you--- the entire spa day was wonderful for my aching hip! I got an hour long hydrotherapy soak, and the combination of the hot water and the massaging jets felt phenomenal. I always make sure I get extra time in the hydrotherapy tub, just because I love it so darn much. Then I had an hour long massage--- with special focus on my hip. It really helped loosen up my tense muscles, and my hip felt tons better afterwards. Lastly I spent half an hour in the dry sauna. Again, the heat was great for my sore hip, not to mention just relaxing in general.

Now I'm feeling super relaxed... I just hope the pain relief in my hip lasts!