Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Taking Recipe Requests!

Alright guys, I know what I love to eat, but I want to know what YOU love to eat too! I don't run this blog just for myself; I do it for all of you guys out there, and I want to make sure I'm providing you with clean recipes for foods you actually WANT to eat! You know, food that you look forward to--- that doesn't make you feel deprived just because you're eating "health food."  So I'm taking requests for recipes... Yup, that's right, I want to hear what recipes YOU want! You can suggest a dish you'd like to see a healthier version of (no promises though, guys... I'm a clean eats wizard, but not even I can make deep fried ice cream healthy!), you can name an ingredient you'd like to see used in a recipe, or you can make whatever other suggestions you see fit!

Some recipe inquiries I've gotten thus far include:

- Crock Pot Recipes
- Kid Friendly Recipes (I'm not gonna lie--- this will be a doozy for me! As someone who is CFBC, I don't know what kids will/won't eat! I might have to round up my niece and nephews as taste testers for this one, methinks!)
- More Desserts

So, come on guys, let's hear it--- what meals would you like to see on Muddy Melissa's menu? I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys cook up for me to cook up!