Friday, January 24, 2014

Food for Thought Friday: Workout Fuel--- What to Eat Before, After, & During!

Today's Food for Thought Friday installment focuses on food to fuel your workout. We've all heard the pre/post/during workout recommendations, but maybe you haven't been able to make sense of it, or you've heard conflicting things. My hope is that this short video will clear everything up for you! Enjoy!

Take away points:

3 Macronutrients
      1. Carbohydrates
           Simple vs. Complex
      2. Protein
      3. Fats

Pre-Workout Consumption (1-2 Hours Before):
      Complex Carbohydrates
           sweet potatoes
           brown rice
           whole grain bread
           whole grain pasta
      2 8-Ounce glasses of water

Post-Workout Consumption (Within 1 Hour After):
      Lean Protein
           whey protein powder
           egg whites
      1 8-Ounce glass of water per 1 lb weight loss

*** Ideally, both pre and post workout you should aim to consume complex carbohydrates AND lean protein. However, if that's not possible (due to time, travel, etc.)--- the focus pre wokout should be on complex carbohydrates and the focus post workout should be on lean protein!

During Workout Consumption (ONLY for extreme cardio and extended workouts!):
      Simple Carbohydrates
           Fruits such as bananas, apples, etc.
      Electrolyte Replacements (Use with CAUTION--- I use NUUN!)
      Water, water, water!

Well guys, I hope you've found this informative. Questions, comments, life musings--- whatever, I want to hear your thoughts!