Tuesday, January 28, 2014

W8Fit Review & New Workout Duds!

I recently purchased a set of weighted wrist cuffs from W8Fit, along with a couple other snazzy-looking workout shirts. These weighted wrist cuffs have 4 pockets, each holding 1/4 lbs of weight, to create 1 lbs of weight on each wrist--- 2 lbs total. Now, as someone who can squat upwards of 150 lbs & deadlift upwards of 200 lbs, those measly extra 2 lbs certainly didn't seem like they'd do much of anything for me. But--- these cuffs were on sale for $34, so I figured... what the heck, I'll give 'em a try!

And try I did! First of all, inserting the weights into the cuffs and putting the cuffs on is a breeze. Once on, the weight certainly didn't seem intimidating to me by any means, as I flailed my arms about to see how they felt. However, always the intrepid scientist, I really wanted to put these babies to the test. So, in preparation for receiving these in the mail, I used my Body Media monitoring device (tested for accuracy!) to calculate my caloric burn during various activities--- a P90X3 MMX (mixed martial arts) workout, an hour long run at a steady pace, and a yoga routine. So how did these cuffs fare?

Well, on the P90X3 MMX workout, I saw a whopping total of an additional 20.5% in caloric burn. On the hour long run (again at a set pace--- I used a treadmill for this), I saw a 25.8% increase in caloric burn. As for the yoga? Well, I saw virtually no change in caloric burn for that. My assumption is that, in regards to the MMX and running, the cuffs increased the caloric burn substantially due to the vigorous arm motions; whereas, in my yoga routine, which was fairly tame and did not involve extensive arm movement--- the cuffs had only minimal effect.

If you're looking to up your caloric burn during cardio activities involving a lot of arm movement, I think these weighted wrist cuffs work great to accomplish that. I obviously have no way to test, with certainty, if these aided in muscle development at all, but I will say that my arms were not sore whatsoever afterward, so I personally don't believe so. But that might just be because I am personally used to lifting heavy weights regularly. But in terms of caloric burn, these cuffs definitely increased the difficulty and, as such, increased the caloric burn. A simple way to add to your cardio workouts, in my opinion!

I also snagged some cute workout shirts from wW8Fit! Of course I needed to rep my marathon training, so I got a shirt emblazoned with 26.2 on the back! I also got a yoga workout shirt and a cardio workout shirt--- both are super cute, and I couldn't wait to try them out during a workout! You know how it is, girls out there... nothing gives you more motivation to work out than super cute new 
workout duds! Am I right or am I right?!