Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chocolate Covered Cherry Protein Oatmeal... Yummy!

This morning's breakfast recipe is one that feels oh-so-indulgent... but is still good for your body! Its packed the protein, healthy carbs, and a serving of fruit! Plus... chocolate! Why? Just because it's yum! Not to mention, the antioxidant properties of chocolate can't be ignored either! Ready for the scoop on this clean eats breaky?

Chocolate Covered Cherry Protein Oatmeal (Serves 1)

1/2 Cup oats
1 Cup water
1 Scoop vanilla whey protein (I used About Time/SDC Nutrition's whey protein powder in Birthday Cake)
1 Cup frozen cherries (its impossible to find fresh this time of year!)
2 Packets Truvia/Stevia
Optional: 2 tablespoons carob chips (cacao nibs, baking chocolate, or dark chocolate could work too)

In a pot, simmer the oats in the water until all of the liquid has been absorbed. Remove from heat, and add in the vanilla whey protein powder until thoroughly mixed. In the microwave, defrost the cherries for about 60 seconds. Drain any excess liquid from the cherries. Remove half of the cooked oatmeal, and combine with the cherries, adding in the 2 packets of Truvia/Stevia to cut the tartness of the cherries. Mix thoroughly (you can blend this in a blender also if you'd like!). In a parfait glass, place a scoop of the cherry oatmeal, then a scoop of the vanilla oatmeal, and sprinkle with carob chips (or other form of chocolate--- just make sure its clean!) if desired. Repeat until all of the oatmeal is used. Garnish with a cherry on top! Eat and enjoy!

Everything is better with a cherry on top!
So yum! Well guys, check back later--- I have another WOW Wednesday installment for y'all! In the meantime, I'm not feeling so hot. I've come down with something and my hip injury is hurting me--- so my husband had prescribed a day at the spa for me! Hydrotherapy (its going to feel FABULOUS on my aching hip!), sauna, and a massage! Who's excited? This girl, that's who! 

Muddy Melissa